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Behind the Horizon (original title: What Dreams May Come) is a 1998 film drama directed by Vincent Ward, written by Ronald Bass, based on a novel by Richard Matheson. The main role was played by Robin Williams. The original title is taken from the third Hamlet monologue (Being or Not Being), in which the protagonist regards death as redeeming sleep for himself and, after the following recognition, gives up his decision.

Doctor Chris Nielsen learns of American artist Annie Collins in Switzerland, whom he later marries and with whom he forms a rare soulmate. The couple have two children, but both son Ian and daughter Mary, both teenagers and Chris, are killed in car accidents.

When Chris dies, he finds himself in a paradise that he has created from his imagination and looks like a very colorful landscape painting of his wife, Annie. She has two children in the sky with Chris, but she is unaware of this as her son Ian appears as the African American Albert, who was once Chris’ better doctor and later friend. And his daughter Mary appears as an Asian Leona, a hostess whom Chris once admired on an air trip in front of his daughter. Only later does Chris come to know about the real identity of the people.

Meanwhile, Annie, who still lives among the living, loses her sufferings of depression, which is manifested through an unusually still existing connection, through the spirit with Chris, to Chris’s paradise. Even in the colored state and your turn affects Chris.

She attempts suicide for the first time. Another attempt to divorce Annie’s life is successful several months later, but she commits suicide in the underworld, where she is condemned for being ignorant of the status of her eternal life. Thus the reunification of the two is excluded. But Chris doesn’t want to settle for her and decides to find her and save her if possible.

In his exhausting quest, Chris is accompanied by his son and his old friend and superior Albert, who appears to be a wise scholar and tourist guide. Whoever does not think, he becomes. Chris looks for his wife, but she doesn’t recognize him. Salvation comes from his decision to always be with him and give himself to him. The two then find themselves in a colorful landscape, where the whole family is now reunited in true shape.

Since everything is possible in the afterlife, one wants and imagines both to be born again, to find each other again, to fall in love, to live together, to die together and then to die together. decide to die. His children forever in heaven. The film ends with two (reborn) children being found by a lake.

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