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Touristus is a 2006 film directed by John Stockwell, starring Josh Duhamel and Olivia Wilde.

It was released in the US on 1 December 2006, while in Italy on 14 July 2007.

A group of young people of different nationalities (Fin and Liam from England, Alex, Bea and Amy from the United States and Pru from Australia) arrive in Brazil for a holiday. One afternoon, while everyone is on their way to the fifteenth destination of their tour (different depending on the trip planned), due to a catastrophic accident of the bus that carries them, they, along with several other passengers, crash at an unspecified point. live. area of ​​Brazil. After waiting ten more hours before the next bus ride, the youths decide to move away temporarily from the rest of the group to explore the area. Entering the surrounding forest, they soon reach a nearby beach, where the appearance of a kiosk with a nearby discotheque with dozens of other companions immediately attracts their interest. After meeting some people from Sweden, the group leaves themselves for an evening of entertainment and excesses. The next morning, at dawn, everyone wakes up to the bitter surprise of being drunk and robbed of their belongings. Meanwhile, Swedish lovers, kidnapped while intoxicated by local criminals, are killed while trying to escape with a machete.

The other six boys then decide to begin a long and tedious march into the surrounding area, in search of a route that will take them to the nearest police station. After inexplicably asking for help in a nearby village, they run into Kiko, a young Brazilian student they had known during the previous night’s party. After offering to guide them, the boy takes them to a villa, which he says is his uncle, in the middle of the forest, saying that given their condition, the place should be considered safe. Arriving on the spot, apparently uninhabited (though there are provisions for food, clothing and books), the young tourists soon discover that everything, the beach party, the theft and Kiko’s help, is actually part of a conspiracy for them. Is. In fact the location belongs to Dr. Zamora, a ruthless surgeon in charge of an organization who kidnaps unsuspecting tourists to take out their internal organs and then transports them to Rio de Janeiro, unaware they need a transplant. and sold to wealthy patients.

The doctor, who reached the spot along with his henchmen, has imprisoned some boys along with their dogs, some of whom live inside cages. In Amy, however, left free, after the narcotics, it drains the liver and kidneys, thus condemning certain death. Meanwhile, Kiko, who had left after giving the tourists to the surgeon, repented of having cooperated on his insane floor, back to the villa, where he frees his friends, thus to try with them. A desperate attempt to escape begins. Save your life However, soon pursued by the Doctor and his men, all but Alex, Pru and Bea are killed.

Bracati finally saves three survivors on the banks of a river, when no escape seems to be for them, the sudden change of one of the Indians associated with the mad surgeon, who is distraught by the man’s cruelty to him. kills, thus the young can be saved by some local people, who provide them with food and hospitality before returning home.

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Movie Language: Portuguese and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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