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Total Recall or Voyage au Center de la Memoire in Quebec is an American science fiction film directed by Paul Verhoeven, released in 1990. This is for sale by Philip K. There’s an adaptation of Dick’s new memento (we can remember it for you in bulk).

In the future, Mars is colonized and exploited for the turbinium buried in its basement. The planet is tyrannically administered by Vilos Kohagen, who controls the mines and the supply of oxygen.

On Earth, Douglas Quaid leads a quiet life: he has a job, friends, and a wife, Lori. However, he does not feel out of place and very often dreams of Mars, finding himself in a diving suit exploring the colony, in the company of a dark-haired woman, while he never finds himself on this planet. accepts to be.

Inspired by this recurring dream, he becomes interested in the proposals of the company Rekall which offers its customers implants of fake memories, but which seem as real as real memories. Against the advice of his wife and the warnings of his best friend Harry, who has accidentally heard of a lobotomized client, he decides to put a souvenir in Recall.

While Quaid discusses the memory to be implanted with the Recall employee, he chooses Mars without hesitation as the destination of his memory. Although initially reluctant to pay for additional options, he embraces the idea of ​​unusual memories, memories in which he could be something other than himself: the famous player, the billionaire, the playboy, the secret agent. Inspired by this idea, Quaid then answers a questionnaire that will help Reckel program the best possible memory for Quaid: he’ll be a secret agent, pursued by assassins, discovering a mystery related to supernatural artifacts. , e.t.c. And above all, he will fight with a beautiful brunette lady, a woman who strongly resembles his recurring dream…

While Quaid prepares to retrieve his memory, he is asleep to proceed with the operation. However, soon after the intervention begins, the employees find themselves facing a paranoid lawmaker who tells them to let her go as her cover of the infiltrating agent is discovered and the other agents will come and kill them. .

As for Reckel’s manager, Quaid wakes up during the implantation of the memory and is awake in a dream. However, the employee in charge of the operation declared that it was impossible as Sapna is yet to be implanted in Kayad. To avoid any problems, Quaid is drugged and thrown unconsciously into a robotaxy, his file being wiped out by the earlier recall.

Note: From this moment on, the film’s scenario is based on Philip K. is fundamentally different from Dickie’s story

Then Kayad wakes up without any idea what might have happened to him. As he is returning home, he meets his friend Harry and a group of men who reprimand him too aggressively for leaving the recall. Quaid is then attacked by Harry and his accompanying men and after a quick fight Quaid kills them all, despite himself and much to his surprise.

Qaid then goes home and tells the whole story to his wife who tells her that he had a dream and none of it is true. However, after finding blood on Quaid’s hands, he realizes that he is telling the truth and attacks without any explanation. She is quickly mastered by Quaid, and accepts that he is part of the agency, that he is not Doug Quaid, that her memory has been erased and that she has had other implants in which she has married him.

Doug doesn’t have time to get any further explanation as he learns that Lori is trying to save time, allowing Richter-led henchmen to eliminate her. Laws narrowly escape and run away.

He contacts a man who claims he already knows her and leaves her a briefcase that Quaid had given him in which he finds money, an identity card, a laptop and other items.

On turning on the computer, he sees a video message he recorded. His alter-ego video tells him that he is actually called Hauser, that he worked for Kohagen on Mars, that he discovered important things about the Martian mines, that he fought the Resistance against Kohagen. Helped, but he was caught and Hauser’s memory was replaced by Quaid. In addition, the video message tells him how to remove the stealth in his skull that allows Cohagen’s men to easily detect it, and finally tells him to re-contact the Resistance with Mars. must go to the planet.

Arriving on Mars, he sobs the local militia and Cohagen’s men and takes a suite at the Hilton, a hotel he had already stayed in under the name of Brubaker. After a sign he left in his private vault at the hotel is exposed to Martian radiation due to the exploitation of turbinium in a hot area of ​​the Quaid Martian colony, Venusville, District, the radiation causes mutations on unsuspecting residents. There he meets the woman he had seen in his dreams: Melina, with whom he would have had a relationship. The dead believer, killed by Cohagen, and not forgiving him for fleeing without warning, does not believe Melina Quaid’s explanation that her memory has been erased and that she does not remember anything. Melina is not convinced and hunts Quaid.

Back at the Hilton, Quaid is joined by Dr. Edgemer in his room. The latter explains to her that the process of implantation of memory has gone haywire, that she is still in the dreamer’s seat of Reckless. Edgemer tells Quaid that he is caught up in his own delirium, that he invents his dream as he lives it and that he suffers from a schizoembolism. Edgemar was implanted in Quaid’s dream to reason with him and back up his words, showing him that all that has happened so far was just what he ordered from Reckel: his covert secret agent. , Assassin, Mars, Melina… However, it is necessary to stop the dream before irreversible damage is done to Quaid’s brain. Lori joins them and supports Edgemer’s statements. As Quaid prepares to swallow the pill that allows him to break out of his dream, before it is too late, he, showing his panic, sees a drop of sweat running down Edgemer’s cheek. . Finding it more than suspicious, Quaid puts the doctor on the backburner. Their fears are justified: Cohagen’s henchmen invade the room and Quaid is captured. As he leaves the hotel, Melina (who has finally believed Law) comes to his rescue. Quaid shoots Lori in the head and elopes with Melina before Richter and his men can kill her. Finding it more than suspicious, Quaid puts the doctor on the backburner. Their fears are justified: Cohagen’s henchmen invade the room and Quaid is captured. As he leaves the hotel, Melina (who has finally believed Law) comes to his rescue. Quaid shoots Lori in the head and elopes with Melina before Richter and his men can kill her. Finding it more than suspicious, Quaid puts the doctor on the backburner. Their fears are justified: Cohagen’s henchmen invade the room and Quaid is captured. As he leaves the hotel, Melina (who has finally believed Law) comes to his rescue. Quaid shoots Lori in the head and elopes with Melina before Richter and his men can kill her.

Back in Venusville, Melina tells Quaid that Cuato, the leader of the Resistance, will be able to extract important information from Quaid. Found by Richter and his men, Melina and Quaid escape in the taxi of Benny, a Martian mutant, and take refuge in the Resistance’s secret cache. Quaid then talks to George, who takes him to see Cuato. Kuato is a type of Siamese mutant that lives in George’s stomach. He then reads Quaid’s spirit and discovers the truth about the Martian mines, which shelter a giant reactor of extraterrestrial origin.

The Resistance Cache is raided by Martian militia, Quaid and Melina are taken captive and taken to Cohagen’s home. Kuato is killed but then announces to Quaid that he must activate the reactor before he dies. In Cohagen, the latter shows Quaid a video message in which the two are friends and learns that Quaid’s entire story, with his memory erased, the briefcase, was a trap set up by Cohagen and allowed the telepath to betray the Martian resistance. To infiltrate Hauser and destroy once and for all Martian resistance. Quaid is then installed on a recall machine so that it can reapply Hauser’s memory, while the other employees of Cohagen prepare to erase Melina’s memory. Quaid and Melina, however, manage to escape and go in search of the reactor. After killing Benny (who was actually Cohagen’s agent), Richter and Cohagen’s men, Melina and Quaid arrive at the supernatural site. Cohagen joins them and explains to them that the extraterrestrial machine is really just a giant machine to terraform and that its activation will turn the Martian ice cap into a breathable environment for all, which he strongly opposes because He would lose control of the planet, being Mars’ sole air supplier.

While Cohagen threatens to blow up the room that controls the activation of the machine, Quaid grabs the explosives and throws them into a vent pipe. Open breach creates a depression that sucks everything in. Cohagen is launched to the surface of Mars without a diving suit and dies of asphyxiation and decompression. Quaid manages to activate the machine, before being sucked to the surface with Melina. They are instead projected out, but are saved in the extreme by a wave of breath-taking air spewing out of the supernatural machine.

Mars has been terraformed and Venusville has been freed from Cohagen’s yoke. Maybe Melina kisses wondering if it was all a dream or a reality.

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