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The Notebook, also known as Journal of a Passion in Hispanic America and The Journal of Noah in Spain, is a film directed by Nick Cassavetes and starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. The film, based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, was released in 2004.

The story goes back to the summer of 1940 in Seabrook, South Carolina. Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) is a girl from a wealthy family who spends her summer in Seabrook. At the carnival, Eli meets Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling), a young man from the village who works in a woodworking factory. Although Eli was not interested in her at first, Noah insists that they spend time together and thus he and Eli fall in love.

Thus they begin to live a pure and transparent love in spite of their quarrels and especially their social and economic differences. Allie’s mother protests when she learns of this romance and when she meets Noah’s social class, and decides to separate them. One night, in a house that is a very abandoned and depleted property, where Noah takes Eli to show him his intention to remodel to live together, Noah and Allie have been making love of late, early in the morning. For hours, Allie’s parents call the police to find her. Knowing this, through a friend of Noah’s, he immediately takes her to her home, where Eli is harshly scolded by his mother, despises Noah all the time and severely opposes their relationship. , Eli insists all the time that he won’t give it up. Noah overhears everything and leaves the house to retire and Allie runs after him and apologizes. He tells her that he understands her and has to go, and to see her that he has a life ahead of her that he can never give her; She insists that she loves him and goes with him as to where she will go. Noah tells her that this is not the time to answer and they still have summer to think about it; Allie explains that he wants to end up with her and they break up, even though she eventually regrets it and tells him not to leave. Noah tells her that this is not the time to answer and they still have summer to think about it; Allie explains that he wants to end up with her and they break up, even though she eventually regrets it and tells him not to leave. Noah tells her that this is not the time to answer and they still have summer to think about it; Allie interprets this in a way that he wants to end with her and they break up, even though he eventually regrets it and doesn’t ask her to leave.

Allie’s family leaves Seabrook the next morning; Earlier, Eli, before leaving, goes looking for Noah at work, but can’t find him and asks his best friend to tell him that they never ended, that he loves her. And won’t stop loving her and giving her her address. When his friend tells Noah everything, he runs to look for her at home, and he realizes the reality. Desolate, Noah writes her a letter every day over the course of a year, which Eli’s mother hides while receiving them. Eli, realizing that Noah never wrote to her and received no response from her, decided to send her one last letter and they forgot each other.

Noah moves to Atlanta to work for a while, and during World War II, when Pearl Harbor is attacked, he enlists in the army and goes to fight Europe with his best friend. dies in battle. While Allie studies at the university and volunteers as a nursing assistant for wounded soldiers, there she meets Lon Hammond, Jr. (James Marsden), a handsome, charming man from a wealthy family, with whom she Starts a romance that Allie’s parents approve of, then Lone and Allie commit themselves.

Meanwhile, Noah, who returns home, learns that his father is selling his current home after his father’s death, with Noah promising to restore Old Windsor (the old abandoned house that Noah promised to restore to Eli so that they can find a new home). can live together). Noah travels to Charleston, South Carolina to process a remodeling permit and when he arrives he sees a truck driving down the street from Alley. He follows her until she enters a restaurant, where she sees Ellie and Longitude kiss. Devastated, Noah restores the old house, believing that if he keeps his promise, Eli will return. Once the house is finished, Noah takes a photo to try to sell the newspaper, but in the end he can’t.

In the present, it is clear that the old woman is Eli and the narrator is Noah. However, she does not remember anything and does not recognize her children and grandchildren because of her dementia.

The film returns to the year 1947. In preparation for their wedding, Allie tries on her wedding dress in the company of her mother and friends, and when they read the news of her engagement in the newspaper, Allie sees Noah in the article about her house and faints. She goes. After a little thought, he decides to meet her. When she arrives and they meet again, she explains that she is getting married, Noah respects her decision and that she and Allie co-exist amicably, they share a story about their memories. Talk together, and when it’s time for Allie to leave, Noah asks her to come back the next day, because you have a surprise in reserve.

The next day, Noah takes Allie to the lake in a canoe and they start talking. On the way back home and during heavy rain, Eli gets angry and asks Noah why he never texted her. He tells her that if he had done it and wrote her a letter every day for a year, surprised and that despite tells her that it is too late to relive her love, she replies that She doesn’t and they kiss passionately and go home to make love and Allie is convinced that she loves Noah.

After two days of obsession, Allie’s mother appears while Noah is out and tells her daughter that her fiancée Lone knows she is with Noah because her father told her and follows her to Seabrook. Allie’s mother takes her and tells her that she too was in love with Summer with whom she tried to run away. Their love didn’t work out and in the end everyone went their separate ways. However, she is still visiting the mine where she works, watching from afar how different her life would be if she married him. Once he brings her back to Noah’s house, Eli’s mother hands her daughter a bundle of 365 letters that Noah wrote to her, saying that she is waiting for him to make the right decision.

Eli explains to Noah that Lone is in town and the last days have been great, but he has been very irresponsible. Noah, angrily, accuses Lon of loving her only for her money, and tells her that if he leaves, he will hate her forever. He tells her that if he really wants to be with Lone, he should leave, as he once lost her and is ready to lose her again; But before she leaves, Noah encourages her to make her own decision, a decision that is not dependent on the opinions of her parents, her fiancée, or herself. Confused and unable to make a decision, Eli leaves.

Distressed, Eli stops his car, reads Noah’s farewell letter, and then walks to the hotel where Lone is staying, to talk to him about what happened. Allie knows she has to be with Lone, which means she’s going to be with him. However, the picture changes for Noah, who hears a sound coming from a car outside. When he wakes up, he sees Allie, who has apparently left the loan to go back with him.

Returning to the present, Eli learns that he and Noah are the protagonists of the story. They spend a few minutes until he falls back into oblivion and starts yelling and pushing Noah again. That same night Noah looks at the books and the audience learns that Allie wrote the book with the message: “Read it to me, and I’ll come back to you every time.” Noah also sees a photo album, which tells the audience that Noah and Allie were married, had children, and lived a wonderful life together.

The next morning, the nurse finds Noah in a critical condition. He survives his heart attack and sneaks into Eli’s room upon his return from the hospital, although he is forbidden to see her. She wakes up and is able to miss Noah and asks if her love is enough to work miracles and get them together. Noah tells her that their love can do whatever they want to do and will never give up.

The film ends with a flock of birds flying over the lake where Noah and Allie revive and make their love more powerful.

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