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Lost Future – Combat Evolved (original title: The Lost Future) is an action-adventure 2010 TV film set in a future where the human race is almost completely wiped out. The earth is again covered with large forests of danger and the few living human beings live in confederations of small tribes somewhere in these forests.

In the vast jungles of the future world, an isolated human tribe struggles for existence in the year 2510, following the collapse of human civilization. They are attacked by wild animals and mutated humans who carry a mysterious and deadly disease. But proximity to animals is enough for them to become infected with the disease. As soon as someone is bitten by them, it quickly turns into one of those animals.

Sawan is the future leader of this tribe. According to the stories of the elders of the tribe, they are the only survivors of this hostile world. Caleb seeks to follow in the footsteps of his father, who is gone and told about other peoples and civilization outside. After leaving the camp, he is attacked by mutants. The majority of the tribe is settled in a cave; Only Savannah, Caleb and Dorell survive outside. Caleb can convince them that the three of them can’t help their tribe and will at least have to try to find the others. They meet Amal, who has been seeing Caleb for a long time, as Caleb’s father wished to look after his well being. Amal tells them that Caleb’s father has developed a cure for the mutation. It got stolen. Since Caleb’s father has died, Caleb, who can read, is the only one who will be able to produce more of this immunization remedy.

As the tribe in the cave is besieged by beasts and they become infected, the mission becomes a race against time. To save humanity, they need an antidote to the disease in the form of a yellow powder. A battle for their own survival begins and Savannah, Caleb and Dorell, separated from Amal, soon descend into the big city, whose dilapidated houses are reminiscent of New York skyscrapers, which serve as a template. Used to do

There Gagan has his own fort and is now the leader of another tribe of surviving humans, who expect some powder through service and hard work, but this is kept under wraps by his children and grandchildren. Gagan’s daughter, Caleb, with the help of Savannah and Dorell, steals the powder from the hiding place and escapes. Gagan follows him and shoots Sawan. Dorell and Caleb reach their village with Amal’s help, which is still surrounded by mutants. Amal has got other allies to help kill the mutants. Gagan also appears and asks for his powder back. Amal throws himself in front of Caleb and is injured as Gagan shoots an arrow at Caleb. Caleb then kills Gagan and the villagers recover from the powder.

With the powder almost used up and possibly even more humans alive in this world, Caleb decides to return to the city and make new powder there, as promised to Gagan’s daughter according to his father’s recipe. Was. She herself says that she does not want to take revenge and will not send people out like her father. He saw it as a weapon, that of the future. At Amal’s home, Caleb’s sister teaches the children of the clan to read as Caleb bids goodbye to her and the injured Amal.

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