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After the death of her husband and the closure of the Detroit plant, Sherry Parker, along with her 12-year-old son Dre (Jaden Smith), moved to live and work in Beijing. Neither the mother nor the son know the language or the local traditions, making it difficult for them at first. Dre meets Mei Yin, a young violinist, but meets a gang of goons led by Cheng, who are also on the girl’s side.

Cheng beats Dre and then threatens, taking advantage of the fact that they attend the same school and bump into each other. Looking for a way out of this situation, Dre becomes interested in martial arts and attends kung fu school, but retires there, noticing Chang among the students. One day he made a ploy to sneak up on Cheng and his friends, but they caught hold of him and beat him mercilessly. Cheng’s comrade Liang asks to stop the beating, but Cheng says, “Have you forgotten what we are learning? There is no weakness. No pain. No mercy”.

He tries to eliminate Dre, but is interrupted by the presence of Han (Jackie Chan), an elderly locksmith, who maintains the house where the Parkers live. Cheng’s gang attacks the defender, but he manages to fight back without inflicting a single blow on the teenagers himself – Khan skillfully substituting the attackers under the blows of his own teammates.

Han accompanies Dre to the Dragon Fighting School where Cheng’s gang is studying. They see how the cruel teacher inspires Li Liang to finish off the defeated enemy. Khan asks for peace, but Lee says he insulted his school and demands that one of them fight. Khan agrees, and says that Dre will fight in the upcoming Open Kung Fu Tournament. He tells Lee to leave the boy alone till then. Shocked, Lee agrees.

The master begins the training, which includes the fact that Dre puts on a jacket, takes it off, throws it on the floor, picks it up, hangs it on a hanger, for hours, day after day. removes from a hanger, wears a jacket etc. In the end, the boy bursts out and refuses to continue “this useless crap”, but Han suddenly demonstrates to him the effectiveness of a basic technique based on Dre-anchor movements. They travel to Mount Wudang, where Han once studied kung fu. Dry meets Mei Yin over the weekend, and she is almost late for her audition. As a result, her parents forbade her to date an American.

One day, Dre accidentally saw an unusual scene: Khan smashed an old car with a sledgehammer, which he stubbornly repaired all the time, while Dre went to him for training. It turns out that many years ago Khan, having lost control of this particular car, had an accident that resulted in the death of his family – his wife and ten-year-old son.

Khan always blames himself for the deaths of loved ones, and to cope with this feeling, every year he spends a long time repairing the fatal car, and then crushing it. However, Dre, after correctly understanding the teacher’s situation, takes her out of the car without saying a word and forces her to start another kung fu lesson, which helps Khan to understand. That the old master has something to live for. Khan, who has come to himself, realizes that life is not over, and resumes his studies with renewed vigor.


Karate Kid 2010

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