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Solen (original title The Host) is a 2013 American science-fiction film. Director Andrew Nicholl produced the film in association with American film company Metropolitan Film Export and Open Road Films. It is based on the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. The film was released in Germany on 6 June 2013 and in US cinemas on 29 March 2013.

The action takes place in a fictional future on Earth. Aliens, called spirits by humans, have populated the Earth and created a new order there. Spirits use humans as hosts, having complete control over their bodies and memories. Almost all humans now harbor spirits. If an captured human body dies, the soul is taken from the so-called healers and either transplanted into a new body or sent via a sort of transport box to one of the other planets they occupy. Is.

Some still free humans hide in forests, caves and deserts. 19-year-old Melanie Strider is one of the last humans and a rebel, she falls in love with Jared in flight. She is en route with her younger brother and Jared, but is kept by a group of seekers and brought to the hospital after jumping through a window. There he is used by a spirit named Wanderer. While in most cases the old I of the host body is wiped out very soon, Melanie fights against the intruder and thus remains present in her body. The Wanderer is overwhelmed by Melanie’s memories and feelings. Melanie is unwilling to leave her body without the hiker. The Seeker, who captured Melanie, seeks to transfer the Wanderer to another body, then also to extinguish Melanie I, who manifested himself by attacking the Seeker. The Wanderer escapes and is taken by Melanie to the hiding place of the last remaining humans. After initial suspicion, people gradually become more cowardly than Wanderer, whose name, meanwhile, has been modified to Wanda; Young Ian and Wanda fall in love. Melanie still loves Jared, but she doesn’t manage to win against Wanda.

After Wanda’s stubborn escape, the seeker searches for her. During food and drug-searching trips, two men are chased by seekers and die in a face-off accident. In human experiments to separate souls from humans, many spirits and their hosts are killed. Wanda witnesses the failed attempts of these men, but after her initial panic over the murder of her conspirators, she shows the people how to successfully expel the spirits from their respective hosts without killing them. In the process, the humans succeed in capturing the seeker pursuing Wanda, taking their soul and sending them to another occupied planet. Wanda now wants to sacrifice herself for sisterly love, to give Melanie back her body and life with Jared and Jamie. But instead of complying with Wanda’s request for her to die in her heartache, after about a month, people put her in the body of a young woman, after being separated from the spirit that would otherwise occupy her. would die, thus saving him in return, girlfriend Wanda.

A few months later, Jared, Melanie, Ian and Wanda regain nocturnal control and are seemingly captured by the Seekers. They realize that Wanda is collaborating with humans, but that they are not seekers, but another group of people, and discover that there are other spirits who have aligned themselves with humans.

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