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Selfless – The Stranger in Me (Original title: Self / Less) is an American science fiction – thriller from the year 2015. Directed by Tarsem Singh, the screenplay was written by David and Alex Pastor. It premiered in US theaters on 10 July 2015. In Germany, the film was released on 20 August 2015.

The film received mostly negative reviews and was a flop at the box office.

Big industrialist and billionaire Damien Hale is a master of his own universe, until he is diagnosed with an incurable cancer. He receives a business card that turns him into a certain Dr. Albright lead. He informs her about a radical treatment called shedding. In doing so, the individual’s own consciousness is transferred to an artificially developed healthy body. Damien takes this approach and stages his own public death. Albright transfers her to his new body and prescribes pills to reduce the vivid hallucinations he claims are side effects of the treatment.

Damien begins his new life in New Orleans under the newly adopted name of Edward Kidner. There he quickly befriends his neighbor Anton. However, every time he forgets to take his medicine he has to face repeated hallucinations. These are always about the same woman and her child. Edward Albright tries to pacify her and eventually sends her to Hawaii for rest; instead, Edward examines the images of his hallucinations and searches for a place near St. Once there, he finds the woman with his hallucinations: Madeline. It recognizes her in her recently deceased husband Mark. Edward learns much, to his horror, that the body he uses was not artificially created, but that of another person. It sold her to Albright, so that the family would finally have enough money to treat the sick daughter.

Edward and Madeline are attacked in the house by Albright’s men led by Anton. Edward and Madeline injure Anton, run away and pick up Madeline’s daughter Anna from the school before eventually returning to New Orleans. There, Edward discovered the inventor of shading: Jensen. Edward learns that he shares a tick with Albright and sees Albright as his assistant in the same video. He concludes that Jensen must have transferred himself to Albright’s body.

Edward finds Jensen’s wife Phyllis in a nursing home and tries to find out from her about her studies. But at the same time he can’t help her as a result of her Alzheimer’s disease. Edward now takes Albright to the nursing home and confronts the situation. Albright drops more of the drug for him, revealing that the pills are not actually suppressing the hallucinations but the body’s original personality. If he continues to take the drug, Mark’s personality will eventually be wiped out; But if he stops taking the drug, Mark will regain control of the body and destroy Edward’s personality instead. As more fighters arrive, Edward runs away and recognizes Anton, who has swapped his body several times.

Eventually, Edward manages to kill Albright in his laboratory and take Madeline with Anna to a safe place. He retreats himself to a nearby hotel and clears his mind and lets Mark take control of the body. In the end, Mark Madeline returns and everyone hugs each other happily.

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