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“Robin Hood” (English Robin Hood) – a feature film by Ridley Scott based on the legends of Robin Hood. The role of the great archer is played by Russell Crowe. The film premiered on 7 May 2010 in Russia – 12 May 2010. [3] . The idea for Universal Film came about in 2007, when the script was called “Nottingham” (English Nottingham). The film was supposed to tell about the deeds of the Sheriff of Nottingham. [en], who was supposed to play Crowe. But Ridley Scott did not arrange the script, and was rewritten during 2008 in Robin Hood’s Outlaw Story. The sheriff himself was rescued as part of the story, although his role was reduced to three episodes. The name of the film was changed to “Nottingham” to make it more traditional. Filming began on 30 March 2009.

The film was shot by the creators of his friend and collaborator Brett Johnson (1958–2010).

In 1199, Robin Longstrade is an archer in Richard the Lionheart’s army, now besieging the French castle of Chalou-Chambrolet. A veteran of the Crusades, he is dismayed and exhausted by the battle, in which he faithfully confesses to the king, earning his respect for him. Despite this, he orders Robin’s pad to be kept for a fight with his friends Alan-a-Dale, Will Scarlett, and Little John.

During the attack, Richard is killed by an arrow, which is released by a cook from a besieged fort. After that, Robin and his companions decide to leave the ranks of the army and return to England. At this time in Fontainebleau, the French king Philip, Prince John, a supporter of Sir Godfrey, agrees about an attack on a detachment of English knights, among whom would be Richard, with whose death the king would become John. However, the attack was suspected by the detachment, which took home the late Richard’s crown. The Raiders confront Robin and his friends, the protagonist managing to injure Godfrey personally. The dying English knight, Robert Locksley, asked Robin to take his sword to his father in Nottingham. To get into the ship, the soldiers change into the clothes of the dead and decide to impersonate them.

Upon reaching England, Robin gives the crown to John, who becomes an unwitting witness to his coronation. The new ruler had to deal with the treasury, devastated by military campaigns and pay a ransom for Richard to Austrian Duke Leopold. To rectify the situation, John decides to raise taxes and send Godfrey to the north of the country to collect the dues. Upon arriving in Nottingham, Robin meets Robert Walter Locksley’s elderly and blind father. He asks the archer to continue assuming the form of his son, otherwise the king will be given the inheritance. Widow of Robert the Lady Marion [en] The guest is cold, but his attitude changes when he manages to save the local people from a future famine by stealing a homegrown grain to plant wheat.

Godfrey’s actions to the north spark the fury of the local barons who decide to meet with the king. At the meeting, Robin invites John to sign the Magna Carta to ensure the rights of the people and to unite the country. By this time, Philip’s plans to land on the island and the betrayal of Godfrey are learned, whose soldiers are robbing Nottingham and killing Walter. Only together with the Baron, Robert manages to defeat the enemy.

During the landing of the French from the white clans of Dover, Robin attacks the combined forces. Godfrey tries to kill Marion, then runs, but is overtaken by Loxley’s arrow. Philip stops the attack, realizing the impossibility of conquering England. During the surrender of the French troops instead of John, Robin begins to fear for his power. In London, the king relinquished his promise to sign a charter, after which he outlawed Loskley. Sheriff Nottingham announces the decree to the general public, but Robin, along with Marion and his companions, have already fled to Sherwood Forest. [4] .

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