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Repo Main (based on the novel Reposition Mambo) [2] is an American science fiction – thriller by Miguel Sapochnik with Jewish Law and Forest Whitaker in the lead roles.

In 2025, the union dominated the organ transplant market called ArtiOrgans. A potential customer can extend his life by buying new organs on credit, usually at terrible monthly instalments. However, those who can’t pay the rates for tempting or significant hi-tech organs visit collectors who reattach the organs. Rarely does a debtor survive removal by repo men, who are legally obligated to simply ask the customer whether they should call an ambulance or take the customer to the emergency room.

Remi is one of the best repo men in the union. He teams up with his old school friend Jake to take care of abusive clients. Remy is seen as a reliable employee in the union, although his job jeopardizes his relationship with his wife, Carol, because of the way he finds her job and the way he treats them unfavourably: Remy is his client. Sees nothing but credit on paychecks. During a party at Remy’s house in front of the house, as Jake removes limbs, Remy is abandoned by his wife. Remy then decides, to Jake’s annoyance, to quit his job as a repo man and instead work as a salesman in the union.

Her last job takes Remi to the home of a music producer, one of her favorite producers, who has defaulted on her installment payments. Remi allows her to finish her last song before she starts taking the heart out. The defibrillator, which previously put the artificial heart out of action, malfunctions and delivers an electric shock to Remi, causing him to fall into a coma. When Remy wakes up in the hospital, he is informed by his supervisor (Frank) and Jake that his heart has been damaged in the accident and that he has the option of having an artificial heart implanted or dying. After a failed attempt to leave the hospital, Remy agrees to the contract.

In the further course Remy cannot pay the rates for his heart, because the “clients”, who must remove his high-tech organs, are no longer nameless paychecks for him, but facial people, who help him with his Leads to activity can no longer pursue. Remy tries out the sales department, but he becomes emotionally involved in dishonestly selling organs to customers. The time till the end of the payment period is drawing near. His best friend and partner is trying to make him complete another assignment so that he can pay his installments. However, when he kneels in front of his client, he is unable to remove the limb and is knocked down from behind for being careless. After waking up, he hears a familiar voice singing. When he follows the voice, he finds singer Beth, whom he first saw in the column of Repo Men, on Q-Trip singing. An addictive drug called “Q” is used by people who have had multiple organ transplants to relieve the associated pain.

He takes her to a motel and takes care of her. Initially not happy with Remy’s attempt to cure Q’s addiction, Beth eventually falls in love with him. Remy is now on the other side of the union system and then breaks into his old company and tries to get the ArtiForges out of Beth and the system. He is caught by his old companion.

After Remy elopes with Beth, she is also hunted down by the Repo men of the Union. Initially, he can kill his pursuers, but when his former partner Jake is targeted, he finds him and asks Remy to join him. As the conversation unfolds, Jake admits that he manipulated the defibrillator which damaged Remy’s heart because he did not want Remy to go to the sales department. He had not seen such an approach that would identify Remy with the customers. Then both fight with each other. Shortly before Remy is killed, his new girlfriend can put her rival out of action. The two then invaded the Union headquarters and destroyed the central computer after a brutal final battle,

In the end, you see Remy and her ex-partner lying on the beach with Beth and rejoicing about their good life, which, among other things, Remy wrote about the union, Reposition Mambo, There is a recursive reference to. Script built-in book. Then picture disturbances pervade the scene and it returns to the scene in which Remy fights with his former partner. In fact, he has suffered serious injuries and Remi is in a coma. His former partner has bought him the union’s newest product – a device that fools unconscious patients into the reality of an artificial illusion covered in pink clouds. The fate of the unconscious Beth remains uncertain.

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