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Piranha 3D (titled Piranha 3D in Spain and Piranha 3D in Latin) is an American film Terror in 3D and the second remake of the film Piranha 1978 3, directed by Alexandre Aja and presented with an ensemble cast. Including Adam Scott, Elizabeth Shue, Steven. R McQueen, Kelly Brook, Richard Dreyfuss, Jerry O’Connell, Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rams, Ricardo Chavira, Riley Steele and Eli Roth. The script was written by Sorority Row (2009) writers Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger. It premiered on 20 August 2010 in the United States and Mexico on 1 October of the same year.

Fisherman Matthew Boyd (Richard Dreyfuss) is fishing on Lake Victoria, Arizona, when suddenly a small jolt hits the lake floor, and Boyd falls, causing a tornado. The man is later eaten by piranhas who come out of the abyss and climb to the surface.

Elsewhere it is revealed that spring break has begun and the resultant countless busted teens serve no purpose other than to have fun. The fact that the sheriff has a young teenage son completely torments Jake (Steven R. McQueen), who must take care of his younger brothers on a day-to-day basis, without any chance of being freed. However, Jake receives an invitation from the eccentric Derrick Jones to record a pornographic film. It also gives him the possibility to rely on the presence of his old platonic love: Kelly. Jones is dedicated to filming erotic videos in exotic locations. Jake decides to put his responsibilities aside and have fun. That night, Sheriff Julie Forester (Elizabeth Shue) begins a search for the missing fisherman with Commissioner Fallon (Ving Rums), whose mutilated body and boat are soon found. The next day, Jake agrees to spend a day of corruption. For this he bribes his two brothers Laura and Jane to stay at home and Jake can participate in the filming of Derrick (Jerry O’Connell) without suspecting his mother.

However, the kids try to catch the fish before making a deal, losing themselves on a small island due to their carelessness. Meanwhile, Jake goes to Derrick’s Boat: The Barracuda. The place where Jake meets Crystal (Riley Steele) and Danny (Kelly Brooke), two derrick actresses and finally Drew, the pornographer’s cameraman. Kelly is invited to participate in the shooting and the girl accepts. Julie, on the other hand, hires some seismologists to study the cracks in the lake, corresponding to: Novak (Adam Scott), Sam (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) and Paula (Dina Meyer). The last two descend into the abyss in search of the source of the earthquake. Unfortunately once in the background both scientists are violently eaten by piranhas and die. Nowak takes Paula’s body to the boat where the presents catch the piranhas. The trio of survivors lead the fish to Mr. Goodman (Christopher Lloyd), a marine biologist, who reveals that this type of piranha is a prehistoric fish thought to have been extinct thousands of years ago.

Julie, Novak and Fallon try to clear the beach but their warnings are ignored until the piranhas attack the tourists. Novak shoots fish on a jet ski, while Fallon escorts tourists to shore. Julie, on the other hand, tries to rescue the swimmers from the police boat. During the heat of the massacre, many tourists climb onto a floating platform that collapses and more people are killed. In Barracuda, Jake learns that his brothers are trapped on an island and after a tense conversation with Derrick, the boy manages to get on the boat to his brothers. However, the boat runs around, giving Piranha a chance to kill Crystal while Drew disappears (probably eaten by a piranha) overboard with an unknown whereabouts; Piranhas also eat half of Derrick’s body. Kelly is trapped inside the boat without being able to escape the attack. Replacing Jake who asks his mother for help.

When she learns that her son is in trouble, Julie walks up to the barracuda to be with Novak. Fallon, on the other hand, stays behind, and when he detonates a boat’s engine, the commissar manages to kill a good portion of the piranha without knowing whether or not he dies. Once Julie arrives at the boat, Novak and Jake form a kind of “bridge” with a rope to give the boys a chance to get safely to Novak’s boat. As they cross the rope, the piranhas get caught in Danny’s hair making it heavy and eventually eat him. Zane, Laura and Julie manage to cross successfully. Although Jake refuses to cross without Kelly. So once they all cross the rope, Jake ties it to his body and uses Derrick’s corpse,

At that point, Julie is contacted by Mr. Goodman (Christopher Lloyd), who reveals that the specimens taken by the fish are not mature, explaining that they are only babies. Nowak then confusedly asks where the parents are, just before being attacked and eaten by a giant piranha visible from behind the house.

at the end of the movie; In a disturbing epilogue narrated by John, one of Jake’s younger brothers, who recounts what happened 8 years later: “< एक बार जब पिरान्हा ने झील पर कब्जा कर लिया, तो कई लोग मारे गए, जिनमें से दो लाइफगार्ड पाए गए, 5000 नागरिक और 4200 सैनिक। क्षेत्र को डायनामाइट करने और पिरान्हा को मारने का प्रयास, अधिकारियों ने हमें कुछ भी सूचित नहीं किया ">>.

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