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Piranha 3D is a horror comedy American in 3D, co-written by Alexander Eja on his own screenplay with Gregory Levasseur from the original script by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger, starring Elizabeth Shue, Steven R. McQueen, Adam Scott, Jerry O’Connell. Ving Rams, Jessica Szohr, Kelly Brook, Christopher Lloyd and Eli Roth. Produced by Dimension Films, the film was released in Canada and the United States on 20 August 2010, in France and Belgium on 1 September 2010. Director Alexandre Aja states that “it is not a remake of Joe Dante” (Piranhas, 1978), even though they share the same name.

The city of Lake Victoria, Arizona, is preparing to receive thousands of students for spring break.

On his boat, in the middle of a lake in an ancient archaeological area, fisherman Matt Boyd (Richard Dreyfuss) attends an earthquake. This causes an underwater tornado, releasing hundreds of prehistoric piranhas, which have hitherto been blocked in an underwater cave. Matt Boyd falls into the water and is eaten.

In town, disobeying orders from his mother, Sheriff Forester (Elizabeth Shue), Jake (Steven R. McQueen) decides to move in with a group of pornographic video-makers: Derrick Jones (Jerry O’Connell), Drew Cunningham (Paul Scheer (Paul Scheer)) and two actresses Danny (Kelly Brook) and Crystal (Riley Steele). Jake leaves his brother Zane (Sage Ryan) and his sister Laura (Brooklyn Proulx) at home, forbidding them from leaving the house. The two children disobey and go by boat to the lake.

At night, Julie the Sheriff discovers the decomposed body of Matt Boyd along with her assistant Fallon (Ving Rhames). The next day, Julie is accompanied by a team of biologists who will observe the underwater fault: Novak (Adam Scott), Paula (Dina Meyer) and Sam (Ricardo Chavira). At the port, Jake accompanies Derrick; They are accompanied by Jake’s friend Kelly (Jessica Szohr).

In an underwater blunder, Sam discovers the caviar and is eaten by a bench, as well as Paula. Julie and Novak collect a sample and take it to a pet store owner, Carl (Christopher Lloyd). The latter claim that these fish are a prehistoric species of piranha that are very aggressive, and that the fish will soon attack the young who spend their spring break at the harbor.

Jake learns that his younger brother and younger sister are trapped on a small island. Derrick, after being threatened by Jake, agrees to bring the children back. But an accident happens: The boat’s propeller gets stuck in the seaweed.

At the port, despite the efforts of Julie, Novak and Fallon, the piranhas commit a massacre among the students, piling up with a hunger for dead fish and panic movements of the students.

A waterway opens on Derrick’s boat and the boat begins to sink. Derrick, Crystal and Drew fall into the water; Jake, Danny, Laura and Zane manage to stay on the boat but Kelly gets stuck with the piranhas who surround her. The crystal is consumed, Drew runs away, and Derrick returns, half eaten, by Danny.

Julie finds out where her son is and will accompany Novak in a speedboat. At port, Fallon is attacked and loses both legs.

The speedboat approaches the boat where Jake, Danny, Zane, Laura and Kelly are, but cannot reach it because of the rocks. A rope is thrown and Julie joins the boat. A rope is used to cross the people but Danny is bitten during the crossing and falls into the water where she is swallowed.

Jake decides to save Kelly: When he joins Kelly he throws Derrick’s body into the water to attract piranhas. Jake manages to blow up the boat and all the piranhas are crushed by the shock wave.

Everything seems to be over but Carl calls the last survivors by radio: they say that the piranhas seen by then are children. While Novak asks where the parents are, he is caught by a giant piranha.

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