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Cemetery Living in Cemetery, Quebec, (Pet Cemetery) is a film by Marie Lambert released in 1989. It is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, published in 1983. The film had a sequel, not an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, which was released in 1992.

Louis Creed, a Chicago doctor, settled with his family in Ludlow, Maine. But as they arrive at their new home, which is near a dangerous road where trucks pass by, Ellie has a swing accident and remembers crushing Gage. A neighbor, Jude Crandall, rescues the child. He sympathizes with the family and shows them an animal cemetery with a “Pet Sematary” sign at the entrance. The dead animals of the area are buried in this cemetery.

From day one of Luis’s job, a student, Victor Pasco, who works at the city’s university hospital, is seriously injured and dies in a tragic accident. The deceased comes to Louis again and wants to warn him against a terrible danger that lies a few meters from the animal cemetery: an Indian cemetery. When Church, Ellie’s cat, is crushed, Louis, with the help of Jude, buries the cat in the Indian cemetery, the animal revives moments later, but it smells and becomes more and more aggressive. goes.

Several months later, a horrific accident occurs on the small gauge, it is crushed by a truck and no one can save it. Destroyed by this tragedy, Louis Creed decides to bury his son in an Indian cemetery to bring him back to life. Jude, feeling responsible for Gage’s death by showing him the Indian cemetery to awaken evil forces, tries to persuade him to bury him by telling the story of a World War II veteran, who ends up being burnt by Jude and the other residents. First a malicious zombie became the terrible townspeople. Forcibly held back his father who died with him while in the family home. Taking advantage of Rachel and Ellie’s absence, after the funeral went to her mother-in-law’s place in Chicago, Louis stole the boy’s body and buried it in the Indian cemetery. Unfortunately now her beloved son is no longer alive but a living dead who tries to kill and eat only fresh meat.

In Chicago, Pasco appears to Ellie in a dream and warns her that her father is going to do a terrible thing. Disappointed by her daughter’s dream, Rachel calls home. Not receiving an answer, she contacts Jude to ask if Louie is at home. He’s not here. Concerned, the young woman decides to return to Ludlow. As a result of this terrible thing, the son, having stolen his father’s skull, kills his mother and neighbor Jude Crandall. Louis then kills Church and Gage with a syringe of morphine while Rachel’s corpse hangs in the attic of Judd’s house. Having reached the point of insanity, Louis, after burning down Jude’s house and blaming himself for the death of his wife, decides to make the same mistake – thinking she is not dead until he gauges. Do not have more

At night, Louis, playing cards in the kitchen, sees Rachel’s arrival, horribly disfigured and becoming like his own son. While she kisses her husband, Rachel grabs a knife and kills Louis (which is suggested when the screen goes black, when we hear Louis’s cry stabbed by Rachel).

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