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Pet Cemetery (with the title of the Spanish version of Damned Graveyard, The Living Graveyard and Pet Cemetery) is a 1989 film directed by Marie Lambert. It is an adaptation of the novel by Stephen King Animal Cemetery.

Louie and Rachel are a couple who, in addition to their cat named Church, move to a new home with their children, Ellie and Gage, for Louie’s work. Near his house lives Jude, an old and lonely man. Jude and Louie become friends. Jude takes the family for a walk in the woods behind their house. A well-maintained path leads to a pet cemetery (the badly written “cemetery”) where town kids bury their dead animals, mostly dogs and cats killed by trucks on the road. The next day a heated argument breaks out between Louis and Rachel. Rachel refuses to talk about the death and worries how Ellie might be affected by what she saw in the cemetery. It was later explained that Rachel was traumatized by the untimely death of her sister Zelda, Spine.

Louis has a traumatic experience as director of the University of Maine Field Health Services, when Victor Pasco, a student who is seriously injured after being hit by a car, expresses his last words to Louis personally. addresses, even if they never knew. On the night after Pasco’s death, Louis is visited by the student’s spirit, who takes him to the pet cemetery, and warns him not to go beyond a fence of trees.

The church is hit by a truck while the mother and her daughter are not. After arguing with Judd, he decides to take her to a place beyond the pet cemetery; After a long journey, they arrive at an old cemetery once used by the Mi’kmaq, a Native American tribe. Following Jude’s instructions, Louie buries the cat and builds a mound of stones.

The next afternoon, the cat returns home. However, he turns into an evil creature that, while he was full of life, now acts strangely. Church kills a mouse and throws it in the bathtub while Louis is bathing. The cat also gives off an unpleasant odor and its eyes are glazed most of the time. Louis is upset by the church’s revival and begins to regret his decision. Jude tells Louis about his dead dog, which was just brought back to life when Jude was twelve years old. Louis asks if anyone was ever buried in the Mi’kmaq Cemetery, but Judd says “no” out loud.

Several months later, Gage is killed by a running truck, leaving Louis devastated and guilt-ridden. At Gage’s funeral, Rachel’s father, Irwin, who has never respected either Louis or his daughter’s decision to marry him, strongly reprimands Louis, accusing him of the boy’s death. The two fight in the observation room of the funeral home and overturn the coffin; Rachel sees the fight and becomes furious.

Overwhelmed by pain and despair, Louis contemplates bringing his son back to life with the power to bury him. Jude, anticipating Louie’s plan, tries to dissuade him and tells the story of Timmy Batterman, a young man from Ludlow who died during World War II if he had buried a human years earlier. had died. Timmy’s father, Bill, lays his son’s body in the Mi’kmaq cemetery, only to be resurrected as an evil creature and a living demon, terrorizing the townspeople. Jude and three of his friends try to burn down the house with the son inside, but Bill is attacked by Timmy and both die in the fire.

Despite Jude’s warnings and his own reservations, Louis’ grief and guilt encourage him to carry out his plan. Rachel and Ellie once again visit their parents in Chicago, but Louis does not tell his wife of his intentions, intending to bury Gage and then ask her to “diagnose” their son. spends a few days together in private and determines what happened to Timmy. Louis exhumes his son’s body and takes it to Michmac Cemetery; Pasco appears, and warns him not to proceed.

Ellie has a nightmare with Victor Pasco on a flight to Chicago. Due to Ellie’s frenzy, and an agreement between Rachel and her daughter regarding Louie’s behavior, Rachel tries to fly back to Maine, but loses her connecting flight to Boston and spends the rest of the distance. Inadvertently decides to be directed by Pasco.

Louis buried Gage in the Indian cemetery and returned home exhausted from his activities. “Gage” returns as a demonic shadow of himself, entering his father’s room. He breaks into Judd’s house and then kills him with a knife from Louie. Rachel comes to Jude’s house, hears something that sounds like her dead sister Zelda, calls her by her name, and then laughs “Gauge”. Rachel enters Judd’s house and finds the “gauge” in a room on the second floor. “Gauge” tells him he brought her some and shows his scalpel. Rachel embraces her son in disbelief and is executed.

Louis wakes up to find “Gauge” footprints on the floor, the doctor’s bag uncovered and his skull gone. He gets a call to “Gauge”, “Come play with my dad, first I played with Jude, and then I played with mom, we had a terrible moment, now I want to play.”

With morphine shots ready, Louis heads to Judd’s house, running to “church” once again. Distract the cat with raw steak, and then kill it with an injection of morphine. He goes home, once again making fun of “Gauge”. Louis searches the house, first finding Jude’s body, then, as he leaves the room, Rachel’s body hangs by the neck. “Gage” attacks his father, but Louis injects the child with morphine, killing him.

After burning down Jude’s house, with Louie taking his dead wife, Pasco appears and warns her not to make things worse, Louie ignores the warning and Pasco says “No!” screaming and disappears. Louis will strike the same stone again when, desolate, he buries his wife’s body in the Indian cemetery, who will take her life upon his return from the grave, betray her and strangle her with a knife that will kill him when the scene turns black. If it does, it is hidden.

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