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Cuddly Cemetery is a 1989 horror film. It is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. In 1992, a sequel to Cuddly Toys II appeared.

Doctor. Louis Creed assumes the position of head of the University of Maine Infirmary. With his wife Rachel and children Allie and Gage, he moves into a single-family home in the fictional small town of Ludlow near Route 15. Louie develops a friendship with his neighbor Jude Crandall, who has much to say about Ludlow and, eventually, the family pet shows up at the graveyard Ludlow.

The family quickly settles in Ludlow, but work at the hospital begins with a setback for Louis Creed. Student Victor Pasco was hit by a truck while jogging and died in the hospital. With his last words, Pasco gives a warning to Louis in which he mentions the animal cemetery.

When Rachel and the kids are on their way to visit their parents, the family cat, Winston Churchill (abbreviated: Church, named after Winston Churchill) is run over by a truck on Route 15. Jude takes Louis to the animal cemetery to bury the cat. . To Louis’s surprise, however, he leads her to a hidden rock plateau not far from the cattle cemetery, an ancient burial ground of the Michamac Indians, which, as he learns from Judd, is said to be cursed. , because they were once touched by Wendigova, a creature that turns the earth sour. After Louis Church is buried, the cat appears in the Creeds’ house the next day. But the cat’s “reincarnation” has its downside: he smells penetrating the earth, and his nature changes in a disturbing way. A short time later, Gage is crushed and hit by a truck on Route 15. Louis makes the important decision to bury his son on a rocky plateau, although Jude gives him an immediate warning.

A short time later, Gage returns, attacking Judd’s house and killing him. Returning from her parents, Rachel also visits Judd’s house and is delighted to see her young son back to life, although he is also killed by Gage. The next morning, Louis wakes up and sees footprints in his house that his resurrected son was there and took his skull. Soon after, he gets a call from his in-laws asking if his wife is well. He learns that it was a mistake to bury Gage in the cemetery of the Mikemac Indians and goes to Jude’s house armed with a lethal injection.

There he murders his wife and Jude. He kills his son with lethal injection, takes his wife’s body out of the house and sets it on fire with gasoline. They believe that their son became angry only because too much time had passed since his death until he was buried on a rocky plateau. Because his wife had recently died, he also buried her on a rocky plateau against the advice of Victor’s mind.

A short time later, his wife returns, and Louis, who thinks Rachel is normal, hugs her. He didn’t notice how she took the knife. The viewer only hears how Rachel kills Louie.

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