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Do you know Joe Black? (1998, Meet Joe Black) is a film directed by Martin Brest, starring Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins and Claire Forlani, distributed by Universal Pictures. Jon Bon Jovi attracted this film for his song Thank You for Me Loving. [ citation needed ] It is a revamped version of the 1934 holiday death film.

William “Bill” Parish (Anthony Hopkins) has his 65th birthday coming up. Honest man, great telecommunications tycoon, man with lots of money, power and influence, loved by his two daughters Susan Parish (Claire Forlani) and Allison Parrish (Marcia Gay Harden). One day at his mansion on the outskirts of the city, when he wakes up, he hears a voice inside his head saying “yes” for a long time and not understanding anything. As time passes, he begins to speak and that voice replies: “Yes, that is the answer to your question”. William does not understand which question the voice refers to, until after a long effort he discovers that his question was “Am I going to die?”, which was the question that left him Always hurt. Do not think that death is waiting for you.

His daughter Susan, who is a doctor and is looking for love, starts talking to a handsome young man at a bar in a nearby town, which she is attracted to and some reciprocity takes place between them. They both confess to each other that they like each other, but still, the young man disappears and they do not see each other again. While saying goodbye, the young man meets with an accident on the road and dies, unaware of Susan.

One day, William hears a voice calling her from a room in his mansion, the voice being a death, now visible in the body of the handsome young man who had previously met Susan in the cafe. This gives him a “stalemate”, telling him he won’t take him any further, while it guides you in your desire to become “human”, stay at home and work with you, where it will help you find financial resources. Helps in fraud against your company in unsuccessful proposal of merger with another communication company. Things get complicated when Death, who takes the name of Joe Black, and Susan, Bill’s youngest daughter, fall in love. At first she feels confused and rejected by Joe, believing he was the young man she met in the cafeteria. Susan falls in love with him, but who is now under the influence of human desires in the earthly world and is also attracted to him.

Bill confronts him fiercely over his relationship with his daughter, but Death announces his intention to take Susan on her own. As the celebration of his last birthday approaches over a dinner at his mansion, Bill calls on Joe to explain the true meaning of love and everything it involves, especially honesty and sacrifice. Which makes sense given that his love for Susan means that he should give up his desire for her and let her live her life. It also helps Bill regain control of his company, which has some management problems, uncovering the secret business ties of Drew (Jake Weber) who disguises himself as an Internal Revenue Service agent in an office in the mansion. and threatens to take him to jail. To hide his pecuniary interests in the company’s merger with the open telephone intercom so that other members of the company’s board of directors would overhear the conversation, vote against the company’s merger, and dismiss Drew. Bill dedicates the remaining hours of his life to his daughters Alison and Susan at his birthday party.

Joe says his final goodbye to Susan, who senses some truth behind his words, but cannot understand the relationship. In a mansion overlooking the ocean, with a fireworks show in the background, Joe accompanies Bill and they head into a dark forest while Susan waits for them a short distance away. When Joe reappears alone she is astonished, but now the young man does not remember any incident from the moment of his death till his return, not even knowing how he got there. A shocked but happy Susan seems to have forgotten her time with Joe since meeting in the cafeteria. Susan realizes that it is not her, but agrees to live out this new situation, depressed (to the loss of her father and her Joe) and slightly hopeful in the thrilling reign of love.

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