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Leon is a 1990 American action film by director Sheldon Letich. The main role of the legendary Leon is played by Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Because his brother has been doused with petrol and burned by drug dealers, Legionnaire Léon (Jean-Claude Van Damme) flees the French Foreign Legion to fulfill his dying brother’s last wish. He wanted to see Leon’s face for the last time. In the New Yorker, Leon reached out to Joshua, an African-American disabilities activist who had organized illegal street fighting. When Leon defeats an opponent at an unexpectedly fast pace, Joshua helps him find his brother. However, by the time Leon finds the hospital and his brother, it is too late. His brother died a few days ago and he leaves behind a pile of unpaid bills along with a woman and a child. Leon accompanies Joshua in search of his sister-in-law and her daughter to support him. His sister-in-law refused any help from his side. Then Leon and Joshua develop a plan to be able to send money to the family.

In order to earn enough money, Joshua Leon brings the “Lady” along. In the underground garage it organizes battles for high society. In these underground battles, Leon soon earns a name and makes a lot of money with it. Although the “woman” also has personal interests in her topfighter, this consistently defies rapport. To repay Leon, she arranges a fight with Prabal Attila, who first plays with her opponents, then ruthlessly destroys them. With a ready-made videotape of Attila, she persuades Leon to compete against her and make powerful investors take risky bets on the outcome of the battle.

On Leon, two generals were set up after his escape to retrieve him. These can put him down and injure him greatly by breaking two ribs. But a lucky circumstance could save Leon again. Attila immediately notices Leon’s injury during the fight and tries to force him to leave by thrashing his broken ribs. Joshua also tries to persuade Leon to give up, believing that Attila is too strong for him. It is through this appeal that Joshua Lyon’s fighting spirit is awakened, and he manages to defeat Attila in the end.

The generals who bring Leon back to the Foreign Legion learn of the fate of Leon and the family. Out of pity, they leave him. Leon returns to his sister-in-law, his daughter, and Joshua.

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