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Lionheart is a 1990 American action, drama and martial arts film directed by Sheldon Letich and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Leon Gaultier’s (Van Dame) brother is murdered after an unsuccessful sale of drugs in Los Angeles. Leon is serving his final months with the French Foreign Legion in North Africa when he learns of the incident. After several pleas by his superiors to attend to his family affairs are ignored, Leon flees the desert and escapes on a ship bound for America. Leon arrives at the port of New York, and wants to obtain enough money to move to California, where his sister-in-law Helen and her younger niece Nicole are. Leone comes into contact with a street-fighting promoter named Joshua, an ex-combat alcoholic, who later links Leone to Cynthia, the organizer of the unrestrained clandestine feuds that entertain the wealthy across the country.

Arriving in Los Angeles, Leon learns that his brother’s killers are in police custody and that there are some army men assigned to find him and take him back. Leon defeats several opponents by earning enough money to help keep the tenant away from his sister-in-law and her niece. Helen at first blames Leon for not helping her brother, saying that the only thing he wanted to see before he died was his brother’s face for the last time. Leon continues to fight and secretly sends money through Joshua to her sister-in-law, on the pretext that her husband had an insurance policy she didn’t know about. After making peace with his sister-in-law and getting to know his younger niece, he simply wants to fight while he retires and collects enough money to help them, but Cynthia isn’t about to let it go so easily. Think. Cynthia decides to arrange a fight between Leon and a dangerous boxer named Attila, who has already killed some rivals in their previous fights. She not only makes a bet against Leon, but also makes a deal to make it available to the Foreign Legion after Attila is killed. But Leon has other plans and doesn’t intend to lose that fight, much less get away from Helen and Nicole.

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Film Quality : 480p BRIP

Movie Size : 350 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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