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Synopsis – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

As a second summer draws to a close, Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) is preparing to return to Hogwarts School due for his next calendar year. Although perhaps not until the enchanting chaos over the Dursley family members once they return, with Aunt Marge’s human anatomy to coincide with the magnitude of her insults. Coming out of his beloved muggle (non-magical men and women), the thirteen-year-old boy tries to take refuge only in the realm of witches and wizards, only for more fermentation difficulties. Sirius Black, “(Gary Oldman) escaped from Azkaban’s prison of wizards to successfully finish the work of the seizure,” the vold Voldemort. This usually means that the convicted killer has gone out to destroy Harry! In an effort to continue to keep the young magician and even his fellow university students healthy and healthy, ”the Ministry of Magic has ordered the Dementors in your penitentiary to do something like sentinels in the faculty. But after realizing these gloomy guards are like harvesters, “Harry fears that his security will prove more harmful than useful.

Curious to understand the role that Sirius Black played in the deaths of his mother and father, the most orphaned hero begins to find a few answers, with the help of his close friends Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint ) and Hermione Granger (Emma). Watson), in addition to a few extra-curricular information about casting Spell by Professor Lupine (David Thewlis). Anyone who has seen the two previous films (The Sorcerer Stone and The Chamber of Keys) can observe a few notable differences from the deal with this picture. Really one reason is that the aging of this cat. Buying and selling their faculty uniforms for tee tops and blue jeans, the protagonists have discarded this sense of charisma and wonder of youth to achieve a marginally more rebellious teenage setting. The repeal of the rules received additional approval since it indicated that Harry’s father had equivalent problems pulling the line. Ron’s speech continues to grow to incorporate some moderate insults, and Hermione unexpectedly fired up to keep her hands tightly embraced when the planning became terrifying.

This script also offers a much better concentration around the 3 main figures. Probably the departure of Richard Harris, who has appeared since Dumbledore (currently playing with Michael Gambon) was a determining factor in your choice to cut his character. However, many of the various prominent moms like Professor McGonagall (Maggie Smith) and Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane) don’t get much screen time. This could be Potter’s initial era to be led by Alfonso Cuaronhas (Chris Columbus did his previous post, but held a chair for a manufacturer), and even the picture shows the change of view. Overcast or dabbling in virtually every photo, Hogwarts Castle looks surprisingly damp and cold. The opaque palette leads to a darker texture throughout, and while witches and wizards look for additional Wiccan. Whether or not budgets are cut to reduce the workload, then the audience may also have fewer specific consequences. For example, there is only one incredibly fast-paced Quidditch party portrayed, with no visit to Diagon Alley. The fantastic news is, even the ones that can be composed (like the Hippogriff and even the Marauders Map) are done well.

  • Type:Movie
  • Genre:Adventure, Family, Fantasy
  • Run Time:2h 22min
  • Release date:June 4, 2004
  • IMDB rating:7.8 / 10
  • Language:English, Tamil, Telugu
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  • Quality:720P, BDRip
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