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Ghosts of Mars is a science fiction/horror film from the year 2001 by director John Carpenter. The film is based on Carpenter’s second film, Assault-Stop At Night, which in turn was a tribute to the western Rio Bravo. Also, far more than Assault, there are obvious parallels to the zombie film The Night of the Living Dead. The setting is also reminiscent of the computer game Doom.

In 2176, human colonization and habitation made Mars the last hope for an overpopulated and exploited Earth. Martian colonists live in scattered outposts and search Mars in deep mines for resources.

Commander Helena Braddock has a mission to take down Phelan Desolation Williams in a mining town and bring him to justice. Arriving there, the group around Braddock learn that the miners are possessed by the spirits of an ancient Martian civilization. The spirits come from a martial and cruel tribe and after acquisition mutilate the bodies of their victims. Your goal now is to fight the human invaders of Mars.

Lt. Ballard, who takes the lead after the death of the Commander, must enlist the help of criminal Desolation Williams and his friends, as well as other prisoners, in their fight against the Warriors. The conflict is aggravated by the fact that after the murder of a possessed person whose soul passes into another human body.

Only Ballard and Williams manage to escape the train after the nuclear power plant’s reactor is brought to the city with an explosion time delay and thus destroy the entire city. Arriving at the headquarters, Ballard told his superiors about the events, as well as what appeared to be ghosts. The film ends when the police, including Ballard and Williams, prepare for an onslaught of spirits.

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