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Strange People (Strange People in Quebec) is an American film directed by Judd Apatow, released theatrical in 2009.

A popular Hollywood comedian – often a bit easygoing – to his credit, George Simmons is also a cocky, lonely man who is estranged from his family by choice. But he learns that he has acute myeloid leukemia and with proper treatment, he has an 8% chance of recovery. Depressed, he looks at an old cassette from the time he was doing stand-up. He decides to return to the scene where it was discovered. One day as he performs at a theater, he meets Ira Wright, budding comedian who dreams of quitting his job, and becomes the mentor of this young man who lives with two roommates: Leo, Trainee comedian Joe Runs behind Seal and Mark also a comedian who most recently landed a role in a sitcom called Yo Teach…! .

Ira is forced to follow and pull some sly laughter from George’s morbidly, who asks him to write jokes for her for a MySpace corporate event. The event goes well and George hires Ira as an assistant, telling Ira about his condition, who cares about the cure. Finally, as Ira breaks down in Prerna, George decides to keep his team informed of his forecast. When he decides to reveal the truth to his relatives, George gets a chance to meet his ex-girlfriend, Laura, whom he has cheated on with other women. The latter tells her former love that her husband, Clark, with whom she had two children, cheats on her even during a business trip. She regrets leaving George and reconciles with him.

But when George sees his doctor and learns that his leukemia-friendly medication has taken effect, there is no trace of the disease, but he can re-emerge. Ira is happy, but George isn’t sure what to do with his life. He decides to start all over again and leaves for Laura’s journey with Laura. Taking advantage of Clark’s absence, China goes on a business trip to George, seducing him again. But Clark arrives unannounced and offers to let George and Ira sleep at home for the night before going back the next day. But one mistake of Ira makes Clarke realize that we are playing with her, who decides to go back to China. Laura decides to go to the airport to see Clarke that she is leaving for George, but Ira, feeling bad about the situation, decides to accompany him to stop him. However, Clark apologizes to his wife and promises to be more present for her and their children. Laura, realizing that George will never change, forgives her husband, who notices Ira’s presence, which enrages him.

Going home, after Laura and Ira, Clark gets into a fight with George, before realizing he has to change. George returns Ira, after fighting with her as well. Ira returns to her job and ends up in a relationship with Daisy, a young comic girl he falls in love with. George, calms down, finds Ira to present him the sketch and reconciles with her.

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