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Never Have Sex With an Ex Again (original title: Forgetting Sarah Marshall) is a 2008 American comedy film directed by Nicholas Stoller. The lead role was played by Jason Sell, who also wrote the screenplay.

Composer Peter Breiter composes music for the thriller TV series Crime Scene, in which his girlfriend Sarah Marshall plays one of the two main roles. When she separates from him and admits that he has already started a relationship with another man, he first unsuccessfully attempts to overcome the separation through sex with other women. Completely depressed, Peter retires to his home until his half-brother Brian asks him to take some time off. Remembering that Sarah had always loved Hawaii, Peter decided to fly there.

Peter visits O’Ahu and hopes that he can forget about Sarah. However, when he reaches the hotel, he meets Sarah and her new boyfriend, famed rock musician Aldous Snow. At first he intentionally follows her, but when he tries to avoid both, he runs into them again and again. At the same time, Peter meets Rachel Jansen, a hotel employee who has also experienced disappointment in love and feels sorry for him. When he goes out with Rachel some evening, they become close. Peter tells Rachel about his work on a musical with dolls about Dracula and the eternal love he works on. Rachel encourages her to complete the task and tells how she came to Hawaii and never finished her studies, to which Peter asks to hold her. Meanwhile, Sarah begins to doubt her new relationship with Aldous, remembering the good side of the relationship with Peter. The musician eventually separates from Sarah when she learns that they have very different views on life and that she still hangs on to Peter. Then Sarah wants to go back to Peter and tries to seduce him. Peter seems to give up after the first resistance, but when Sarah stimulates him verbally, he still doesn’t get an erection. Peter learns that his feelings for Sarah are long gone. Since Peter has a bad conscience, he admits the incident to Rachel, after which he injured the relationship and tells her not to report anymore. He leaves home and devotes himself at home to fulfill his musical title, A Taste for Love. He sends Rachel an invitation. She hesitates at first, coming to the premiere after a discussion with a hotel employee. She tells Peter that she is going to stay in the area indefinitely to see some universities. The two confess that they have missed each other and eventually reconnect with each other.

During the credits you can see a trailer for the (fictional) new television series Animal Instincts with Sarah Marshall in the lead role. She plays a murderous mediator with a superhuman ability to read the thoughts of pets.

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