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Wade Wilson is a former Spatnaz soldier working as a mercenary in New York. At his friend’s local bar, Ferdinand Wade meets a prostitute Vanessa Carlisle, with whom he later has a romantic relationship. A year later, Wade makes an offer to Vanessa, and she agrees. Suddenly Wade faints and the next day he is diagnosed with late-stage cancer. Vanessa tells Wade to stay with her, but Wade doesn’t want her to see his death.

At the ferry bar, Wade is approached by a recruiter from a secret program offering experimental cancer treatments. Wade agrees to the experiments for Vanessa. There he meets the head of the program, Dr. A former informant in Kilbrough’s laboratory, a mutant Ajax and his henchman, a participant in the experiments of Weapon X Christina, nicknamed Angelic Dust. Ajax introduces Wilson’s Serum-Mutagen, which was designed to activate DNA mutation rights. To activate the serum, adrenaline is needed, and Wade is subjected to a variety of monstrous tortures that do not bring success. In the process, Wade recognizes Ajax’s (Francis Freeman) real name and teases him. In response, Ajax subjects Wade to the most severe test – placing him in a sealed chamber that lowers oxygen levels until the final strangulation, after which the oxygen is returned.

Earlier, Ajax revealed to Wade the real goal of the program: to empower people with superpowers and sell them into slavery. During the torture, Wade’s mutation is activated, and he receives a healing agent, which does not have time for cancer to form. However, while Wade gets a side effect – his body and face become distorted. Wade manages to detonate the laboratory, setting fire to the oxygen supply to the cell, so that it is released and enters a fight with Ajax. In the process, Ajax tells Wade that he alone can restore his previous appearance, then pierces Wilson with steel reinforcements and leaves to die in a burning laboratory. The lab is completely burnt out, but Wade is coming out from under his remains.

Wade does not dare to return to Vanessa because of his disfigured appearance. After a conversation with the ferret, Wade decides to find Ajax and regain his former appearance. He becomes a disguised lynch player and takes on the name “Deadpool” (from Deadpool – Deadly Tote at Ferry Bar). Wade settles into the house with Al, a blind elderly woman. The latter gives him a weapon. Wade builds and develops a suit himself – red, so you can’t see how it’s bleeding. Within a year, Deadpool hunts down and kills several of Ajax’s assistants (including a recruiter), who eventually lead him to Ajax himself. He’s just bringing a batch of mutants for sale to a Middle Eastern tycoon at the time and complains of a supply interruption.

Deadpool attacks Ajax’s convoy on the motorway and kills everyone, then Ajax takes over, piercing him in the shoulder area with a katana (thus not specifically killing Ajax). Suddenly (after learning of the TV news scuffle) the Russian mutant Colossus, a member of the X-Men team, appears, who has long persuaded Deadpool to join his team, and his student Eli Femister (Supersonic Warhead). ). In the process of talking between Deadpool and the Colossus, Ajax runs away. Colossus tries to take Wade to Professor Charles Xavier, handcuffs him, but he cuts off his hand and disappears. His hand gradually recovers afterwards.

Ajax arrives at the ferry bar and finds out about Vanessa. The chorus tells Wade about this, and they head to the strip club where Vanessa works. Wade does not dare to approach her, after which she is kidnapped by Ajax and Angelique Dust. Ajax sends an SMS to Wilson, who suggests he is arriving in a decommissioned Helicarrier at a local landfill, where he keeps Vanessa. Wade persuades Colossus and Supersonic Warhead to help him, and they come to the dump. Colossus and Warhead enter into battle with Angelic Dust, while Deadpool leads Ajax’s path through his assistants.

With the help of the warhead, Deadpool pierces the helicopter and engages in a fight with Ajax. Meanwhile, in order to save the Colossus, the warhead accidentally destroys the Helicarrier support, and it begins to collapse. Colossus moves the warhead and Angelic Dust to a safe place, and Deadpool rescues Vanessa. Ajax escapes and attacks Deadpool, but is defeated. He explains that Deadpool’s presence cannot be healed, and Wade kills Ajax, despite Kolos’ request to keep him alive. Vanessa is angry at Wade as he left, but forgives him. Wade shows her a distorted face, but she accepts it, and they are reunited.

In a post-credits scene, Deadpool appears in a dressing gown and reveals that Cable will appear in the sequel to “Deadpool”.

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