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Wade Wilson is a mercenary who spends his time in New York City rescuing teenage girls from potential threats and attending a bar where alcoholics organize fights called Pozos de la Muerte. One night at the bar, Wade meets Vanessa Carlisle and they become a joint couple for almost a year, during which time they decide to celebrate their love, having sex at all festivals (except Easter). While they were having sex one Christmas night, Wade proposed to Vanessa, then suddenly collapsed and was diagnosed with terminal cancer involving the lungs, prostate, and brain, which makes the operation practically impossible. Even though Vanessa decides not to give up and find a solution, Wade just wants to make the most of the time she has left.

One night at the bar where he meets Vanessa, he meets a strange man whom he calls “Agent Smith”, a recruiter for a secret program. He offers an experimental cure for cancer that will also endow him with superpowers, at first he rejects the man and leaves. But desperate to live, Wade leaves Vanessa in the middle of the night and returns to undergo the procedure. So he meets Francis Freeman (who calls himself Ajax) and his assistant, Angel Dust. Francis injects Wade with a special serum and Angel tortures him for several days to uncover a mutation. After weeks of no success, Wade is tied to an airtight chamber in which he spends two days insulting Francis. Your oxygen drop activates a healing factor that kills your cancer, but it seriously damages your skin and your face in the process. Wade spit out a match that was in Angel’s mouth and was already able to get it out when he hit her on the head. Using a match he sets the camera on fire, escapes the fire and tries to kill Francis, only to stop when he claims he is the only one who knows how to fix Wilson’s deformity. Next, Francis nails it to the ground by crossing it with a reinforcement bar and is left for dead in the destruction of the laboratory.

Wade escapes and returns to New York, but decides to stay away from Vanessa because he fears her presence disgusts him, although he is convinced Francis can fix it. Wade goes to the apartment of a blind old woman named Blind Al and meets his bar mate Jack Hammer “Weasel” while talking to him, plotting revenge against Francis on the advice of his best friend, whom Called a masked vigil. Deadpool”, begins the hunt for Francis and dismantles his organization. Wade chases and kills anyone who has an affair with Francis in search of information. First, Wade is found with blood from his costume. The spots found it difficult to wash, when he had to face different bastards who shot him all the time, one day in the laundry, Al advised him to wear red, then Wade became a red suit to avoid problems blood stains.

After discovering a series of connections to various unions, Deadpool attacks a convoy of cars on a highway, throwing himself straight into a van, where he kills all the men and is eventually captured by the entire gang. is done. In X-Mansion, Coloso sees news about Deadpool and, along with his fellow Negasonic Teenage Warhead, takes down an X-Men jet to try to persuade Deadpool to join the X-Men once again. At the scene of the attack, Deadpool easily manages to kill several of Francis’ men with a gun that only holds twelve bullets, then he lays his hand on Francis, seeking treatment for his deformity. The confrontation is suddenly interrupted by the X-Men, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who want him to join the team. His intervention allows Francis to escape, and when Colosso marries Deadpool to take him to Mansion X, Deadpool cuts off his arm and falls into a garbage truck and escapes, then arrives at the apartment that had been abandoned. He shares that with Al.

The next night, Wade decides to go to Vanessa on Al’s advice, but when he arrives with Wessel at the stripper club where she works, Wade learns that he has been kidnapped by Francis, who tells him to be Wade. pretending to be betrayed, Francis then contacts her using Vanessa’s mobile phone and asks to meet her at a junkyard on an unarmed aircraft carrier. Wade, quite furious about what happened, decides it’s time to end up with Francis and prepares to fight with a backpack full of weapons.

Deadpool goes to Mansion X to convince Colossus and Negasonic to help save Vanessa and, in return, he will consider joining the X-Men. The three take a taxi to the junkyard, where Francis keeps Vanessa locked in an air chamber. Once out of the cab, ready to attack the three of them, Negasonic notices Deadpool not bringing his bag with the weapons he had forgotten in the Dopinder driver’s cab, then Deadpool just returns to his decides to fight with the katanas. The fight begins when Francis sends Angel Dust to fight and kills Colossus, then Deadpool kills all the soldiers who cross his way to Francis, while Colossus has an uphill battle with Angel. Next, Negasonic helps Deadpool escort Francis to the aircraft carrier where Deadpool and Francis engage in a bloody hand-to-hand fight. During the fight, Vanessa manages to release the camera, suffocating her for a sword that had become trapped, then uses her power to destroy the Negasonic aircraft carrier. Deadpool wins the battle to save Vanessa, while Colossus and Negasonic defeat Angel. Deadpool now has Francis at his mercy and demands that he return his face to normal but Francis accepts that there is no cure for Wade’s deformity and tells him that unlike cancer, he needs to live with a deformed face. Have to get used to. there is no cure. Even though Colossus insists on forgiving Francis and being a true hero, Deadpool eventually kills Francis with a shot in the head, ending his revenge and telling Colossus that if being a superhero can help psychopaths like Francis. based on survival, then he will never be a superhero. Colossus and Negasonic decide to leave when Deadpool is about to spend a moment alone with Vanessa. Wade allows Vanessa to remove the mask and shows her his new face. Although she is annoyed because he left her, Vanessa tells him that she doesn’t care, in the end because the man she still loves, as long as they do what they like very much and are reconciled with a kiss. are are.

In a scene after the credits, Deadpool appears in a robe and talks to the audience, asking him why they are still in the room when the movie is over and he asks if they can advance to Deadpool 2. To which he replies that the studio doesn’t have much money, he also asks if they expect Sam Jackson with an eye patch and asks to leave. After the short cut, he once again announced that the sequel would feature Cable, suggesting that it could be played by Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren or Keira Knightley. He also warns the public not to leave their trash in the movies, and the film ends with a “chika-chi-ka” sound. 3

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