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Crank: High Voltage is a 2009 American action film, the sequel to Crank. It begins three months after the first film, maintaining its narration style (the time in which the film and the real time coincide and add surrealism). Crank: High Voltage was written and directed by Mark Neweldine and Brian Taylor, who wrote and directed the previous film. The film was released in the United Kingdom on 16 April 2009, a day before its North American release date.

Shave Chelios (Jason Statham) falls from a helicopter during the final moments of the first film. Soon after he falls, he is picked up from the road with a snow shovel by a group of Chinese doctors.

Shave wakes up at a clinic and sees doctors take away his heart, while Johnny Wang (Art Sue) watches everything. The doctor places Shave’s heart in a red refrigerator with a padlock and implants an artificial heart on his chest. Despite this, he manages to escape. While escaping he discovers a yellow battery sticking to his skin. After a shoot-out and interrogation by a hit man, Chev discovers Johnny Wang’s whereabouts: Cypress Social Club.

Shave calls the doctor (Dwight Yoakam) who tells him they have implanted an artificial heart on him. This states that, once the external battery pack is depleted, you will have 60 minutes before the internal battery stops working. Shave stars his car in the wake of a conversation while driving, destroying his car’s external battery. To save his life, the shave allows the driver to charge the internal battery and use his car’s battery clamp to get to the club.

As he gets there, Shave inadvertently rescues a Cantonese prostitute named Ria (Bai Ling) from a client of the club. Rhea tries to connect with Chev and tells him that she knows where Wang is (who fled the clinic with the fridge from Chev’s heart). Rhea takes Shave to a strip club, where Shave meets his old girlfriend, Eve Lydon (Amy Smart), who thought he was dead. In the back room, a group of gangsters from Mexico, led by Chico (Joseph Julian Soria), Wang and Chev. In the end, Wang escapes and Shave confronts the Mexicans in a shootout, killing them all (except Chico, who escapes through the back door). Shave questions an injured gangster, who tells him that El Huron (Clifton Collins Jr.) is trying to kill him, though he doesn’t know why. Shave collects Eva and runs away from the club.

Outside the club, Shave meets a group of policemen who start beating him up. He is knocked down, but one of them, inadvertently, charges Shave using an electric pistol, causing Shave to “recharge”. Shave steals a police car and puts Eve inside, accompanied by another dancer who tells Shave to look for Johnny Wang on the Hollywood racecourse. Chev meets Venus (Efran Ramirez), who reveals him to be Kylo’s brother. He also has Tourette’s syndrome. At first, Chev tells Venus that all those responsible for his brother’s death are dead, but this causes Venus to lose interest and leave, but as soon as she needs his help, Chev tells Venus. that El Huron was involved but no one knew.

In the shave at the racecourse, the artificial heart’s internal battery drains energy. Call the doctor and find out that the heart can be loaded by the skin through friction. First he tries to load with a young man who is standing in the racecourse (Chester Bennington), then with an old woman and then he catches Eve and climbs on top of her and they start making love in the middle of the racecourse The crowd applauds them and the shave recharges with full force. Shev searches for Wang and releases Eve. Wang runs away and Chev is about to be arrested by security forces when Don Kim arrives and puts Chev in his limousine. Don tells Chev that there is a leader in the Triads named Poon Dong (David Carradine) who needs a heart transplant. When Poon learns of Shave’s resistance to Chinese poison, he issues a warrant for Shave’s heart. Don Kim then tells Shew that he will give Poon Dong for the reward. To avoid giving it to him, Shave kills all of Kim’s teammates in the limo, including the driver of the limo, and Don shoots Kim several times. Meanwhile, Eve is arrested and Venus calls on Orlando (Renigun Wilson) to help find El Huron.

While driving, Chev collides with an ambulance, approaches and is shocked to see the assistant try to revive one of Kim’s companions, who had been shot a few minutes earlier. Chev needs more energy and strength when it comes to helping him use the defibrillator on himself instead of the gangster, who eventually dies. When Chev exits the ambulance, he sees Johnny Wang walking down the street. Wang tries to escape in a car, but the car leaves without him, and Shew escorts Wang to an electric station, where a fight ensues between Shev and Wang.

After winning the fight, Shave discovers that Wang’s red cooler does not contain his heart (the contents of which are unknown, but fills Shave with disgust). Chev is informed by Dr. Mills that his heart was already transplanted into Poon Dong, but promises to find it. Chev asks Johnny Wang, but Chico and his henchmen show up, shooting Johnny Wang and killing Chev, knocking him unconscious.

In Luke Canard’s television show Shave talks about his violent tendencies with his mother (Jennifer Stick) which has a flashback from when he was a child. The police interrogate Eve but she does not release Shev. Mills uses his assistant, Chocolate, to trap and neutralize Poon Dong.

Shave wakes his testicles with an electric shock, and they take him with a speedboat to an island where El Huron awaits him. He reveals that he is Verona’s third brother, and that Shave has killed Ricky (Jose Pablo Cantillo) and Alex Verona (Jay Axcala). He tells Ricky about the head of Verona, who is being kept alive in a tank by a group of scientists. Chev is flogged to the delight of Verona, and when Orlando, Venus and Rhea appear, each with their own group of thugs dies, and chaos ensues.

Shave Verona opens the tank and hits her head in the pond several times, but begins to lose energy, as her heart is not working. He climbs onto a nearby electric pylon and grabs the insulator to recharge, but is removed from contact. Venus fights with Huron and is about to be defeated when Shave reappears, partially burned by electric fire and still burning, kills El Huron to kill him and then takes his body to Ricky’s. Throws it into the pond next to the head. In a state of mental isolation, Chev tries to hug Rhea (thinking it’s Eve) but she catches fire from contact, and she runs away screaming. While the fire disfigures him, Shave approaches the camera and shows the audience his middle finger in the final moments of the film.

During the credits, Doctor Miles puts Chew’s heart back. At first it seemed unsuccessful, but when they were all gone, Shave’s eyes opened and his heart was beating.

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