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Captain America: Civil War is an American film released on April 27 , 2016 . It is the sequel to Captain America: The Winter Soldier , completing the Trilogy of Captain America , and is the film that begins Phase 3 of the Marvel Universe . It is directed by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo , and features the actors Chris Evans , Robert Downey Jr. , Scarlett Johansson , Sebastian Stan , Anthony Mackie , Emily VanCamp , Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner , Chadwick Boseman , Paul Bettany , Elizabeth Olsen , Paul Rudd , Frank Grillo , Tom Holland , William Hurt , Martin Freeman and Daniel Brühl .

The development began at the end of 2013 when the production team of Marvel Studios began to include some concepts of Mark Millar’s comic ” Civil War ” , from 2006 . After the success of his predecessor, Kevin Feige decided to put the Russo brothers back in the direction of this third installment of Captain America, beginning to be recorded in April 2015 in Atlanta , as well as in Berlin , Puerto Rico , and Iceland . [1]

The film premiered in the US on 6 of maypole of 2016 in format 3D and IMAX and became a blockbuster; He also received positive reviews from critics and audiences, raising more than $ 1,152 million against the $ 250 million budget, making it the sixteenth highest grossing film of all time .

In the year 1991, James “Bucky” Barnes is awakened from his cryogenic dream at a HYDRA base located in Siberia . This is recited certain words of mental coding written in a book, causing it to be under the control of HYDRA. Bucky is sent to intercept a car that carries a briefcase with bags of the Super Soldier’s Serum, kill the passengers and steal said briefcase. Currently Steve Rogers , Sam Wilson , Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff , arrest a terrorist group led by Crossbones, who intend to steal a biological weapon at the headquarters of IDEI located in Lagos, Nigeria. Falcón , Wandaand the Captain neutralizes the terrorists of Crossbones and Black Widow fights with Crossbones , but Crossbones manages to defeat Natasha and flees. After it is intercepted by Captain America and both start a fight. During the fight, Crossbones decides to commit suicide with Captain America activating a bomb, but Wanda manages to contain the explosion with his powers and tries to take her away from the people around, but accidentally explodes her next to a building killing a large number of people. 2

Wanda and Steve lock themselves in a room and begin to discuss the accident in Lagos and Wanda is blamed for killing the people of Lagos. Steve tells him that it was their fault, but they are interrupted by Vision, who informs them that Stark has arrived with the Secretary of State and ex-general of the United States Army, Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross , who informs them that The UN is in the process of approving the Sokovia Accords, which immediately becomes an international body to monitor and regulate the Avengers after having shown them videos that demonstrate the various disasters they have caused: The Battle of New York ,the destruction of SHIELD headquarters in Washington DC , the destruction of Sokovia caused by Ultron and the most recent building accident in Lagos. The team is immediately divided: with Stark supporting the government and Rogers for his part distrusts the government after HYDRA infiltrated and manipulated SHIELD the last time. After the meeting Rogers receives a text message saying that Peggy Carter had died while he slept and decides to attend his funeral in London , England , accompanied by Wilson and Romanoff who appear at his side to share his grief and keep him company. Then Romanoff informs Rogers that Stark , Rhodesand Vision had signed the agreement, Wanda was undecided and Clint Barton had left the team, but Rogers does not change his mind and decides not to appear at the Vienna conference.

In Vienna, Austria, where the signing of the Agreements by 117 countries is taking place, a terrorist activates a bomb next to the building. The son of King T’Chaka sees the whole event and shouts in warning signal “All to the ground!” and immediately the building explodes into pieces and ashes. King T’Chaka dies because of the explosion and his son cries his loss hugging him. When the security cameras reveal the culprit, it turns out that the Winter Soldier was the one who captured the bomb. T’ChallaSeeing all the media in the event, swears to kill Bucky with his own hands to avenge the death of his father. In a phone call Romanoff gives Rogers advice that he should sign the Accords and also that he did not get involved trying to stop T’Challa to prevent him from killing Bucky, because it will only make things worse; however, he and Wilson decide to go and bring Bucky on his own, after Sharon Carter gave them information about his location. After a chase with Black Panther and Captain America under a tunnel in Bucharest, Romania, Bucky is finally captured, but Rogers and Wilson are also arrested for obstruction of justice by the police with the help of James Rhodes .

While locked in Berlin, in a magnetic armored glass case with armored cars and handcuffs tying his arms and legs, Bucky is released by Helmut Zemo, who uses HYDRA activation words with the same book that appears at the beginning of the film to interrogate Bucky about the Siberian mission in 1991 and at the same time cause a lack of control on the part of the Winter Soldier. With his metallic arm Bucky manages to break the glass box, escapes and then confronts Tony Stark. Bucky continues his escape attempt with Rogers and Wilson chasing him, but Rogers manages to stop him when Bucky was to escape in a helicopter after Bucky faced Black Panther. Steve and Bucky flee with Wilson. After coming to his senses, Bucky tells Rogers that Zemo is heading towards the center of Siberia, where other winter soldiers were created. Meanwhile Barton goes to the base of the avengers where they were Vision and Wanda, to rescue Wanda. After a brief confrontation between Barton and Vision, Wanda interferes with neutralizing Vision with her powers to escape along with Clint. After Vision informs Stark about what happened.Rogers recruits Wanda , Hawkeye and Ant-Man to his cause, in addition to Wilson and Bucky Barnes . Ross gives Stark 36 hours to capture Rogers and his team.

Stark gathers Black Widow , Black Panther , War Machine , Vision and then visits Queens , New York upon discovering that Peter Parker is Spiderman, he encourages him to fight, although at first Peter cowers and refuses, but changes his mind and recruits him to intercept the Captain’s team at the Leipzig / Halle Airport. Before the confrontation between the two sides begins, Rogers warns Stark that the psychiatrist who interrogated Bucky (Zemo) is behind the whole conflict and planned everything from the beginning, but Stark refuses the idea so he starts the battle and several secondary events happen as Spider-Man removes the shield and ties the arms and legs to the Captain, managing to free himself, Ant-Man becomes small and penetrates Stark’s armor to ruin it, Spider-Man manages to win a confrontation with Bucky and Falcon, then Ant-Man becomes giant and begins to cause fuss; However, Vision flies towards Ant-Man and the stomach heaves it, causing it to weaken, fall to the ground and transform into its normal size. Wanda floats Romanoff and the star against the wall of a small truck, then Romanoff allows Rogers and Bucky to escape on Stark’s Quinjet, while the rest of his team is captured (Hawkeye , Ant-Man , Wanda and Falcon ). Rhodes, on the other hand, suffers a serious spinal injury, becoming invalid when falling after being accidentally hit in the chest by a vision beam that was actually aimed at Falcon. In the headquarters, Stark discovers that Romanoff was like double agent and immediately Romanoff disappears affirming that “she is not the one that must take care of the back” . Stark later realizes that the explosion in Vienna was provoked by Zemo in the guise of the Winter Soldier and that he murdered Bucky’s real questioning psychiatrist by hiding the corpse in the room he was staying. After visiting the heroes captured in the prison ” La Balsa “, and without informing Ross, Stark follows Rogers and Bucky to Siberia, but without him noticing T’Challa also follows him.

Somewhere in Siberia, Stark meets with Rogers and Bucky to make a truce, but Bucky continues to distrust Stark. They discover that the other winter soldiers have been killed by Zemo, who reveals that he is a Sokovian who wants to punish the Avengers for the death of his family. Zemo shows Stark a security video that takes place in the year 1991, which reveals that Bucky was the killer who killed Stark’s parents to steal samples of the Super Soldier’s Serum from his car. Stark disillusioned and enraged by the revelation starts a fight against Rogers and Bucky, while Zemo takes advantage of the confrontation to escape. Meanwhile T’Challa, who secretly discovers Bucky’s innocence in the explosion that killed his father, captures Zemobefore he committed suicide with his gun. Meanwhile in the fight Bucky loses his metal arm, after this begins a brutal fight between the Captain and Tony, after all, Rogers manages to deactivate Stark’s armor with his shield and manages to stop him, having received a previous help from Bucky. At the end of the fight, Rogers decides to take away Bucky from Stark, but before leaving Stark tells Rogers that the shield he has designed by his father and therefore does not deserve it. Rogers without measuring words with Tony leaves his shield and retires with Bucky. A few days later Zemo is imprisoned in isolation for all his crimes, Stark returns to the base of the Avengers and helps Rhodes to get up using a prototype walker to help him walk while recovering from his wounds,FedEx (Stan Lee ) having a letter from Rogers inside. In the letter Rogers apologized for everything that had happened and offered his help in case he needed it in the future and included a special cell phone to call him, while he released his fellow prisoners from the prison “La Balsa” , in the Atlantic Ocean and takes them to the Kingdom of Wakanda, where T’Challa grants them asylum. When Ross tells Stark about a prison escape, he ignores it.

In a scene halfway through the credits, 3 Bucky decides for himself to be frozen until he finds a way of how to erase the mental coding that HYDRA placed in his head, while Rogers asks T’Challa (when he knew that his father and Rogers’ friend were victims of Zemo) how he plans to keep Wakanda protected now that he has taken part in the conflict. T’Challa responds ” That they try to do it “, because they are prepared. The scene shows a small panoramic view of the area, seeing that now they are in Wakanda and there is a gigantic statue of the god Pantera made of stone in the middle of the vegetation.

In a post-credits scene, 4 Peter Parker is playing with his web spider when without calling Aunt May appears and asks about Peter’s blows , the young man makes a few jokes about the fights he has lived in the Civil War disguising the true origin of his injuries to his aunt. The scene ends when his web spider is activated and emits a projection to the ceiling, the Spider-Signal .

At the end a phrase is shown saying “Spiderman will come back”.

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