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12 Years a Slave (eng. 12 Years a Slave) is a 2013 American historical drama based on the memoir of the same name published in 1853. The author is Solomon Northup, a free African-American born in New York State who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in Washington in 1841. Northup worked in the Louisiana gardens for nearly twelve years before being released again. Sue Eakin and Joseph Logsdon in 1968. He wrote scientific papers based on Northup’s memoirs in which he carefully studied and confirmed the events described and concluded that the memoirs were correct. Other characters in the film are also real, including Edwin, Mary Epps, and Patsy.

This is the third feature film directed by Steve McQueen. The screenplay of the film was written by John Ridley. Chiwetel Ejiofor played the lead role in the film as Solomon Northup, while Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Dano, Paul Giamatti, Lupita Nyong’o, Sarah Paulson, Brad Pitt and Alfred Woodard appeared in other roles. The film was filmed in New Orleans (Louisiana State) over the period from June 27 to August 13, 2012 and recorded at the locations of four historic pre-war plantations: Felicity, Bocage, DeStrehan and Magnolia. Of these, the Magnolia Plantation is closest to the actual plantation Northup worked on.

The movie 12 Years of Slavery has been praised by film criticism, and many media have declared it the best film of 2013. At the cash desk, the film was also a huge success, grossing over $187 million worldwide (filmmaking cost $20 million). The film won three prestigious Oscars: for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress (Nyong’o) and Best Adapted Screenplay. After winning the Academy Award for Best Picture, producer Steve McQueen became the first African-American producer to win an Oscar and the first African-American director whose film was nominated for Best. [4] [5] The 12 Years a Slave film he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Film (Drama), as well as the British BAFTA Awards for Best Film and Best Actor (Ejiofor).

In 1841, Solomon Northup was a freelance African-American violinist, living in Saratoga Springs, New York State with his wife Anne Hampton and their two children. Soon, two men, Brown and Hamilton, are offering the musicians a two-week deal on the condition that they travel to Washington with them. After reaching there, they drugged him and took him to a cave owned by James Burch.

Northup was sent to New Orleans along with the other captured slaves. Freeman’s merchant merchants gave Northup a new name “Platt”, saying that he was a runaway slave from Georgia and selling it to the owner of the William Forda plantation. Northup impresses Ford after building a road through the wooden transport swamp that is much quicker and more efficient than the previous one, and Ford holds a violin in a gesture of gratitude where Northup will soon return to his wives and children. Engraving the name.

Ford’s carpenter John Tibbetts despises Northup and tensions between them grow rapidly. The defending Northup was attacked by the Tibetans. In retaliation, Tibet and his friends try to take advantage of Northup, but are stopped by Chapin—Ford’s supervisor—though he leaves Northup to be on the loo for almost the rest of the day. Ford is soon rescuing her, but he decides to sell her to the owner of the Edwin Epps plant to save her from Tibet. Northup tries to explain that he is, in fact, a free man, but Ford tells him he cannot hear it and replies that he must pay off his purchase debt.

Unlike the relatively liberal Ford, Apes is a sadist who believes that his right to mistreat slaves is only approved by the Bible. Slaves are duped when they cannot take at least 91 kg of cotton per day. The young Patsy female gets over 230 pounds of cotton every day, so the apes have never been praised. Patsey is attracted to Epps who constantly picks her up, making her jealous of his wife, which is why she often humiliates Patsey. Her only consolation is visiting Mrs. Shaw, a former scoundrel whose boss has fallen in love with her and has married her. Patsy wants to die and begs Northup to do so, but he refuses.

Soon, an epidemic destroys apes cotton and plantations. Since he cannot do anything with his farm, he lends his slaves to neighboring plantations for the season. While spending time there, Northup becomes one of his favorite slaves, George Turner, who allows him to play the violin on his neighbors’ wedding anniversary and keep all possible benefits. When Northup returns to the Apes, he tries to use that money with Armsby—a white man and a former supervisor who now cuts along with other slaves—to bring his letter to friends in New York. Armsby agrees to do so and accepts all of Northup’s saved money, but releases it to Apes. Northup still manages to escape punishment by convincing Apes that Armsby is lying. Soon after, the worried Northup wrote his letter, his only hope for freedom.

Northup, accompanied by Bass, a Canadian worker, begins work on the porch. Bass is upset by the apes’ cruel treatment to his slaves and expresses his opposition to the slavery system, which leads to animosity with the apes. One day, Apes becomes upset when he cannot find Patsy at the plantation. When he returns, he learns that she has gone to Mrs. Shaw for soap because Mary Epps has forbidden her to use them. The apes, however, do not believe and order distress. Encouraged by his wife, Epps forces Northup to whisper to Patsy because she shouldn’t have done it. Northup reluctantly agrees, but Apes eventually captures the whale and wildly rescues Patsy.

Northup intentionally destroys his violin and continues to work on the story of the verandah, telling Bass his full story. Once again, Northup seeks help in sending the letter to Saratoga Springs. Bass, risking his life, agrees to send her.

One day a local bar sheriff in Plantation arrives with another man who calls Northup. He asks a series of questions to make sure he’s really the person he’s looking for. Northup recognizes a man in the car as C. Parker, the owner of a store he knew in Saratoga. Parker came to get rid of her, and the two of them hugged but angrily Apes protested all the time and tried to stop Northupa from leaving. Before Northup boarded the car, Patsy called her and the two of them hugged in the hospital. Knowing they are in potential danger, Parker and the sheriff are urging Northup to leave and leave the plantation as soon as possible.

After serving twelve years in slavery, Northup was freed again and returned to his family. When she enters the house, she sees Anne, Alonza, Margaret and her husband holding their granddaughter – Solomon Northup Stauntona – in their arms. The film’s baton explains Northup and his team’s inability to persecute Brown, Hamilton and Burch, as well as the publication of his memoirs in 1853 and the mysterious details of his death and burial.

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